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Loves: This reader’s picks are for folks who, aside from Mind Control, additionally like stunning feet that are female. I’ve been reading the tales through the Archive for over per year now, composed some tales I think I am trained to discriminate the good stories from the lame ones (which doesn’t mean that my stories are good at all), and I can offer a sex toys porn good selection for true mind control-foot fetishists like me for it, too, and. Therefore if you should be certainly one of us, trust in me and read!

In my situation, the top, the greatest, the absolute most erotically told transformation that is female. Jodi, the normal feminine sex bomb visits a tanning boutique and it is changed into a foot fetish managing “alien” device. The very first component (“bedded down”) is magnificent; you can easily nearly have the girl’s orgasms exploding. The remainder tale is great, yet not as effective as this amazing start.

Also good one, with additional distribution and humiliation, but in addition a good base worshiping description. In addition has two components: the one that is first excellent, in addition to 2nd is somehow redundant. You may like my own Foot massage, since the plot is very similar if you like this story.

Another tale by the author that is same. Them one after another you will notice that there are strong similarities in the plot and in the hypnotic suggestions if you read. It seems incomplete; we might expect a second chapter in that the principal girl would “use” her slave to please her extremely. Well, that chapter ended up being never ever written, unfortuitously.

There is apparently a link into the united states collective memory between Filipino females and legs: lots of tales such as this one inform the tale of the Filipino girl whom hypnotizes some body and forces them to worship her legs. The change is told in a type of systematic, cool method, but inaddition it has many exciting moments; and from then on, the scenes of base worship are actually good. It is well worth reading.

The story is more about feet although the title talks about legs. A feminine psychiatrist treats a guy to aid him focus. Inside her feet and legs; as always, he could be changed in to a slave that is submissive. The storyline is told with just the dialogues involving the medical practitioner while the client, however it’s very easy to follow and well toned. You won’t find much strong intercourse scenes in this 1. You shall find none, actually. It appears that the storyline had been never ever completed, therefore we only get to see the patient’s transformation as a base &leg fetish slave.

Another tale about a lady who makes use of her feet to hypnotize a person, in this full case her employer, after which makes use of her abilities to have exactly exactly what she wishes: an income raise, a promotion, a spouse. Good change procedure, plus some good base and leg licking scenes by the conclusion. No sex scenes though, and also the end is a little too innocent: marriage, pleased ending.

I’m not actually into footwear ( perhaps perhaps not even high heel pumps) but this tale actually caught my attention. It’s the storyline of a new innocent girl that is slaved and develop into a base fetish by an shoe shop assistant that is evil. It has in addition some type or types of bondage and humiliation.

Same author, same model of base fetish strong control and humiliation. This time around the tale is mostly about two double siblings, one of these with brain control energy and a very good base fetish. The sex scenes are far more hardcore-like, however in basic it is more pornographic than erotic. We additionally didn’t such as the constant sources to “smelly legs, dirty legs, sweaty feet”. What’s wrong with clean feet, why do they should be sweaty become sensual? Anyhow, a great and strong ff tale.

This will be a tickling story that is fetish fairly simple, but in addition quite erotic. A guy has implanted hypnotic suggested statements on a more youthful girl, and she plays together with her foot before shagging her. The model of the tale is soft, perhaps not brutal after all, plus the plot is well developed. There’s also another tickling story into the Archive, Tickling her fancy, because of the exact same writer, you may possibly like in the event that you liked that one.

This isn’t a base fetish tale, purchase i needed to incorporate it, just like a tribute into the writer, Sara H, in my experience one of the better erotic authors when you look at the web. She frequently writes ff tales having a extremely erotic design. She’s got offered us a few of the most sensual tales in the Archive, though, unfortunately, not one of them include legs! Hot summertime could be the tale of a lady that enters a lesbian adult toy shop and ultimately ends up changed into the owner’s slave. Just how Sara H informs the storyline, just how she defines the victim’s submission, and on occasion even the orgasm that is final. Well, I have actually perhaps not words that are enough show it. You could simply read it and experience it directly!

These are the best foot-fetish tales in the archive. Right when I find more, or higher tales are published, i am going to include them towards the list. Additionally, if anybody understands just about any base fetish tale that we never have included, it is possible to deliver me an email and I also will include it.

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